Tax effective investment

Contemporary and flexible investment bonds that provide access to a wide range of investment options.

Lifeplan offers three tax effective investment solutions that can be used for wealth creation, estate planning or as an alternative to complement superannuation.

NextGen Investments

A simple, tax effective investment bond, designed to fulfill wealth accumulation goals, estate planning, regular income or child advancement.

Key features
  • 42 diverse investment options
  • Flexibility to switch between investment options
  • Regular savings plans
  • Access to funds at any time
  • Ownership can be individual or joint, companies or trusts
  • Wealth Preserver - a unique estate planning protection option
  • Online application (licensed advisers only)
  • Dedicated call centre in Australia
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Lifeplan Education Investment Fund

A specially designed savings and investment product which gives investors more choice and flexibility to fund the education expenses of a child or student of any age.

Key features
  • Qualifies as a scholarship plan
  • A broad range of education expenses can be claimed
  • Tax paid on earnings by Lifeplan is refunded when an educational expense is claimed
  • 16 investment options managed by 6 of Australia's leading fund managers
  • No age or relationship restrictions on student beneficiary
  • Ready access to funds, including tax-free access to contributions
  • Change the nominated student at any time
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FuneralPlan Bond

A simple, safe and effective way to put money aside or accumulate funds to help meet the cost of funeral expenses.

Key features
  • Owned in single or joint names
  • Flexibility and choice of funeral provider
  • No personal tax liability
  • Capital guaranteed
  • Social security concessions
  • No health restrictions as there is with Funeral Insurance
  • Option to nominate or assign the Funeral Plan to a Funeral Director
  • Optional Travel Protection Plan
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